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when you get a dick pic and they hung af


Codependency isn’t sexy. It isn’t romantic. It’s built with a fuse and will surely burn out. The healthiest thing you can say to the one you love is, “I would be okay without you, and that’s why I choose to stay.”
LB, A Few Things About Love (via dangervvank)    
Anonymous said:
Can you post again your empty skies fanart please? Love ya and your talent!! Xx

aw anon, i just change to my phone. But it’s here, not so far down: :) and thank you! xx


hey! it’s free shipping worldwide (all item) on society6 today!! :)

it ends tonight at midnight… plus. i add this to the shop too :)

Anonymous said:
sorry, didn't want to make you feel uncomfortable with what I put in your ask, it's just, idk, harry just make those poses as a joke. well sorry again

Idk babe, maybe he makes that pose as a joke but everything with this boy is never just a joke (if that makes sense?) there’s always hidden message if we look closer.

But again, everyone can have their opinion. just when it comes to my drawings, it’s how i express my point of view of him or them. So i think i need to stand up for it. (plus, i’m not drawing him as girl, or using girly gesture when i drew him - except the last one because it’s the purpose btw. If you feel that way maybe my skill still not enough yet - as for that, it means i need more and a lot practice xD)

and thank you for coming back and saying sorry :) that means a lot. x

Anonymous said:
when will you update "a million roses (bathed in rock and roll)" ? loving it so far

i actually just updated yesterday, thanks :)

Anonymous said:
Those are actual poses Harry makes. You are just drawing him how he is.

yeah i have all refference i use for the poses xD thanks to my lack of creativity.


hello tumblr, my names rachel and this is my body. for years , since i can remember i’ve hated it (a lot). i can clearly remember being in kindergarten and constantly wonder why i didn’t look like the other girls, why my belly wasn’t flat and why my thighs touched and why my cheeks got so flushed when i ran and there’s didn’t. when i was in the third grade, that’s when the bullying started. day after day the same kids would call me names and take my things and throw paper at me and just be straight up mean. i was too embarrassed to every tell anyone. to this day , still, no one knows. i started hating school. the bullying and tormenting went on until two years ago when i started high school, but the damage had already been done. i hated myself and my appearance and it was obvious, from the way i carried myself to the things i said about my physical appearance. and i hated that i couldn’t get a boyfriend or a girlfriend. i blamed this on my weight, told my self I was “too fat to be loved.” and those are fucking awful thoughts to have.
earlier this year a male friend and i were talking about celebrities i found attractive. later that night when i was thinking about my day i notice that a couple of plus sized woman came up. plus sized woman who both my friend and I both found attractive regardless of weight. in that moment i had an epiphany. it went a little something like this “these woman are beautiful. these woman are plus sized. their size does not effect my view on how attractive they are. these woman are confidant. plus size doesn’t equal unattractive. confidence is attractive. woah.” it really was an eyeopener for me. i knew that in order to be happy with myself and love myself I didn’t /have/ to loose weight, i instead needed to gain confidence. every single day for five months I looked at my self in the mirror and said out loud “you are beautiful. your size does not define you. you are loved the way you are. you do not need to change.” im going to be honest, first month i laughed at myself after, thought it was total shit. little by little without even noticing, i became more confidant. i received a few compliments (from both friends and a stranger!) about my appearance for the first time in my life.
today august 29, 2014, for the first time in my life, I looked into the mirror and didn’t see fat, i didn’t see a worthless , ugly , girl undeserving of love. i saw a confidant girl , with purple hair and a beauty mark under her lip who looked happy and confidant.
for the first time in my life i love my body. i can say that now and mean it. i am a healthy , confidant , girl who happens to be plus sized but that doesn’t change shit about who i am. everyone, and i mean everyone, regardless of size should look in the mirror and tell themselves they are beautiful and loved no matter how small or large their bodies are. you are alive and your heart is beating and your veins are full of blood and flowers are blooming and the sun is rising somewhere in the world there’s no time to caught up in the size of your body. be happy with the way you are, accept yourself and love yourself because if you don’t, you won’t ever let anybody else accept and love you. you are beautiful and perfect just the way you are don’t ever ever ever let anyone , including your own thoughts ever tell you different!!
(the second picture is a big fuck you to anyone who’s ever made anyone feel insure or inadequate because of their size :-)) )

i actually had same problem when i was in senior high, about insecurities of my weight. And even now some people still wishpering stuff like this about my body, including my mum because she worried about people judging me because of it (- which i don’t care actually). Looks don’t define your personality, i always think it’s them who missed out a lot if they don’t want to be my friend, or don’t want to know me more because of my body.

thank you for telling me about this :) you’re beautiful. really beautiful xx

Anonymous said:
I love the fanart you made for empty skies it's my fave fic and your drawings show them exactly how i imagined them it's so perfect i love you xx

thank you! i love that fic xD baby blue rululu~~ (even though i ship harry x perry a lot in there haha) x

Anonymous said:
*sigh* I think the last anon who just said "Harry is not a girl" is mad because you draw Harry with nail polish (which Harry has wore nail polish before in the real world, so why is she getting mad?) and how Harry is feminine (which I love feminine Harry :D) so don't let her get to your head. your drawings are beautiful and lovely and very well detailed.

thank you :) xx

Anonymous said:
you always draw him like one but he is not a girl, just saying

1. have you ever seen my girls drawing even?

2. actually anon, i can draw him whatever i want. - i mean.. i’m the one who drew him, if you don’t like it, um.. you can skip my stuffs. (or better, draw him yourself - in your view.)

3. he is not a girl, ok, but idk. he can be a girl if he wants. i don’t want to judge actually.

4.i don’t usually respond to message that makes me uncomfortable, but just so we’re clear.. i love when harry act feminine - like that balerina pose or his wiggly hips dancing. you’re okay to dislike it but it won’t change what i like. (just saying :P)

Anonymous said:
harry is not a girl

er… who said he is? care to explain what this mean? :/